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World Conqueror 4

16K Plays · Published: November 30, 2021

4.7 Based on 34061 votes
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Description: World Conqueror 4 is turn-based strategy military game based on World War II. Players can not only act as commanders, mobilize troops, charge into battle, but also appreciate the cruel and true side of wars. World War II is rekindled and legend will born.
  • OS:Android / Ios
  • Size:95M

Very challenging, really makes you think. Difficult to learn, very hard to master. Edit: I made this review over 2 years ago, and I still love it. A lot of the negative reviews talk about how impossible the game is, but there's a pretty easy fix: get gud. It's hard, but dooable (except for the 1980 scenarios, those are insane even with top generals. There are guides out there on the internet, and after a week you'll have the basic strategy down, then it's just brainpower and grinding from there. Wow, where do I start, this game is amazing. I love that it's in world war 2, and that there is actually so much strategy in this game. The campaign is so much fun and interactive too. I would recommend this game to any history buff or strategist. Thx Easy Tech for this game, it's probably my favorite. Great game. Better than btd6 honestly. The grind keeps you busy without feeling like you are going no where anytime soon. However, for some reason the Axis and WTO missions are twice as hard as doing the Allies and NATO. The Conquest (my favorite) is highly in favor of Axis and WTO. You can pick 1 star countries for them and win easily because of Germany. It tries to follow history, but the Allies actually won the World War. AI Germany needs a nerf for the conquest 1939.


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