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Disney Mirrorverse

16K Plays · Published: Jun 20, 2022

4.8 Based on 57982 votes
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Offered:Kabam Games, Inc

Description: This is Disney Mirrorverse, a visually stunning new action RPG game for mobile, set in an all-new divergent Disney universe where players assemble teams of amplified, action-ready, 3D Disney and Pixar characters to battle against a dark force. Long ago, two stars collided to create an altered universe full of light and dark forces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has evolved familiar worlds, now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fractured enemies. Players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battle together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeat the Fractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse. Choose from the vengeful draconic mage Maleficient, an armored-up Sulley, the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, and many more Mirrorverse Guardians. Each Guardian possesses powerful, special attacks that are unique and authentic to existing Disney and Pixar characters. They are designed to complement each other through different team roles to maximize battle potential and chemistry, enabling players to advance through multiple levels and progress to the highest rank. Discover an ever-evolving story as you play through Story Quest mode with loot-filled chapters, limited-time Event Quests, and Dangerous Dungeons to explore. Experience the thrill and excitement of real-time action combat as you control the Mirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, combat arsenal, team strategy, and special attacks. Build alliances with friends and compete to gain powerful rewards. Customize and strengthen your Guardian’s abilities through a deep character progression system, finding the best team combinations and strategies for the ultimate win.
  • OS:Android / Ios
  • Size:1.3 GB

really well made. fun and fast paced gameplay too. My only complaint is that they put time and money into really well animated special attack animations that only activate the first time you use the move and the. You never get to see them again since it skips it. it would be nice to have an option to turn it on is all I\'m saying. other than that, stellar work... and now I found out you can toggle it on and off during combat after pausing. No complaints here~ This game is amazing, filled with characters to collect and fight with. Challenging, it\'s levels and objectives aren\'t all easy to follow, but when you play more and more, you start getting these down easy. The animations, the character design, and the environmental design of each level is so unique and beautiful. I highly recommend playing.


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