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Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles Game

16K Plays · Published: May 7, 2021

4.5 Based on 907072 votes
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Offered:App Family Kids - Games for boys and girls

Description: This Halloween app features loads of jigsaw puzzles with pictures of spooky skeletons, creepy graveyards, scary pumpkins, and more. With 30 different jigsaw puzzles, featuring beautiful pictures of amazing pumpkin carving, fluttering bats, and mysterious castles, you and your kids will be sure to have a great holiday!
  • OS:Android / Ios
  • Size:20M

This is a cute puzzle app! These puzzles may look very simple, but honestly they're a little challenging but still easy. They also only have 72 pieces, but for me it's not so bad because it doesn't make me as intimidated as other puzzles that go up to 200 or more. Thanks for this app, I loved it! The photos are beautiful and interesting. I like being able to select the size of the puzzle I want to work with, depending on how much challenge I'm up for. Music is nice to listen to. My 3-year-old daughter loves simple 6-piece puzzles. I like this relaxing activity, it's great for relaxing and hanging out, it also gets me excited for this year's Halloween season. Many thanks to the developers! I love this Halloween puzzle game because it's not disgusting, evil or scary. You can change how many pieces of the puzzle, making it harder or easier. They are cute pictures that some show as iced cookies.


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